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WhatsApp Broadcasting with Interaction-Based Cohorts


What are cohorts? Why do we need them? Is it even essential for your business? Is this a one-sided conversation? Well, you get it. A conversation without interaction is just a WhatsApp Forward you would want to forget rather than engage with.  

As a powerful data-driven marketing tool, BIK ensures that all industries engage with their customers through WhatsApp broadcasting with interaction-based cohorts to form a lifetime customer value. 

What are Interaction-Based Cohorts?

Here’s a brief description of the cohort – In mobile marketing, a cohort is a set of users grouped because of a familiar identifier. As long as there is a commonality, a cohort can be anything. You can create personalized messages through pre-approved templates and broadcast them to segmented audience cohorts through BIK. Segmentation/cohorting allows you to target different customers based on their previous interactions with the brand.

BIK broadcasting with cohorts

How to do WhatsApp Broadcasting with Interaction-Based Cohorts?

Once onboarded with BIK’s WhatsApp Marketing, you can select the ‘Broadcast’ section and click on the ‘New Broadcast’ button. You can choose your intelligent cohort and one template from our diverse list and hit Send.

BIK’s Interaction-Based Cohorts

BIK curates a collection of Smart Cohorts and Shopify Cohorts and segments users based on every interaction with a broadcast. This help calculates your marketing campaign analytics of a broadcast being Seen, Read, CTR (Click Through Rate), and ROI. 

These cohorts enable you to run campaigns such as “Send the Speaker collection with a promo code to all those users who have bought any product from the Headphones collection.” This targeted messaging helps ensure your marketing spends are well worth it and you get the highest ROI. 

BIK WhatsApp Broadcast

Once you select a particular cohort or upload an Excel sheet for your customers, you can choose a template out of BIK’s 100+ pre-approved templates. You can then review broadcasts and send them to the particular cohorts. 

How to do BIK WhatsApp Broadcasting

How does BIK drive results to your WhatsApp Marketing Business?

At BIK, we understand that effective segmentation is critical for the performance of your marketing campaigns. Using our deep understanding of the e-commerce industries, we have pre-defined specific high-intent cohorts used for your marketing campaigns.  

To build these intelligent cohorts, one must log the events and interactions of the customers with the brand. BIK ensures that this process is handled automatically without any intervention from our side so that you can focus on leveraging this data to deepen customer understanding and run your marketing campaigns effectively. 

BIK adds relevant and personalized interactive buttons in your templates with Quick Reply keywords, Buy now, Visit Website, and Call-to-Action buttons, which urge customers to engage in the purchase and become loyal customers.

Generating leads while interacting with customers is an excellent opportunity for e-commerce businesses and brands to develop positive relationships with their customers. The best part of personalized WhatsApp marketing is that each customer feels special; the one-on-one interaction increases their loyalty to the brand. Customization of the texts encourages customers to spread the word about your brand, and there is increased word-of-mouth marketing.

This helps Growth Strategy Managers in building deep analytics for effective customer targeting. 

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