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Learn how Recode is driving 14x ROI with BIK.


Recode Studios, a wellness and skincare brand that is known for transforming everyday skin into a glassy, and glowy masterpiece is a premium cosmetic brand that came into existence in the year 2018. Based out of Ludhiana, Punjab, this bootstrapped company is showing nothing but sheer love for your skin.
This luxury cosmetic and skincare brand is a key player in the luxury beauty scene and holds expertise in handling the designs, production, and business management of cosmetic products across the globe. The brand takes a cue from fashion, with the same timeless, classic vibe, not to mention incredibly high-performing formulas. 

Dheeraj Bansal, the director of the brand says, “We have been instrumental in combining quality with creativity in each product we offer to bring about a Universal Studio Arte in the Industry. Apart from this, the brand is embodied with a passionate and committed team to drive excellence in the beauty and personal care industry.”  

The Challenge

Recode was found in 2018. After trying multiple marketing agencies they wanted a reliable marketing platform that can skyrocket their ROI game.

The Solution

In 2022, Recode joined BIK and experienced amazing returns on the investment they made. 

“Within 2 weeks of joining BIK, Started using their 1-month free trial, and I saw campaigns delivering 14x ROI to us. The strategies given by BIK’s growth strategy manager made all the difference. Superb team! Superb focus on driving success to us.”

Dheeraj Bhansal.

The Strategy

recode studios case study

How to bring new potential buyers with BIK’s Growth tool?

After reviewing the outcomes of other similar brands with us, Recode decided to go all in. Recode requested that a “Spin the wheel” shop widget be created in order to immediately build the customer base by gathering WhatsApp numbers via a gamified widget and a multi-channel Webstore widget be created in order to stay in touch with customers and increase brand confidence. Recode has recently started with CTW ads after experiencing an amazing ROI of 14x.

How social conversations are better than websites?

Recode began a free trial with BIK and saw an astounding ROI of 14x. The growth strategy manager carefully examined the historical data that Recode had provided. The GSM chose to use three different broadcast formats.

          1) Clients who made purchases 30 days ago.

          2) People accessed the link but did not make a purchase.

          3) Individuals having a history of two or more orders.

Over 95% of readers have benefited from welcome templates. Dheeraj Bansal, Director of Recode, stated that “BIK’s welcome templates are so thoroughly tested and thought out, that we quickly started witnessing conversions.”
The second A/B test, which included retargeting for those who clicked on the link but didn’t make a purchase, had the most impressive results of all the experiments. The highest ROI achieved in one re-targeted broadcast was 19.2%.

The Result

recode marketing strategy

Recode was started in 2018 and started outsourcing people to grow the brand.
Today they have a more than 100k customer base, this growth seems overnight, but required very creative and intelligent marketing strategies along with the right tools at every step of their journey. The recode studio today is a household name and we are super proud to be a part of their journey.
With BIK, they empowered conversational commerce in every touchpoint of a customer’s journey from marketing to giving a world-class experience, and they ended up achieving 14x ROI consistently.

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