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How Bavincis has driven 28x ROI with BIK


Founded in 2019 by Mr. Dhruvin Lakhankiya, Bavincis is the first luxury fashion
brand that puts affordability at the forefront of everything. It is famous for its
premium quality products because of their great designs and high quality that
includes accessories like sunglasses, bracelets, watches, and many more.

The Challenge

bavinci case study

Bavincis was looking for an engaging way to directly communicate with its audience on WhatsApp. Not only did Bavincis want to feature its products, but it also wanted to
build brand awareness on the affordability of the luxury selection it provides.

The Solution

Partner with BIK to engage with Bavincis’ shoppers in a familiar way using WhatsApp. Attract, drive sales and create a new channel for real-time interactions with the
audience. The great thing about BIK is that we can be flexible with our different testing and messages. The Growth Strategy Manager at BIK managed our initial campaigns to
drive 28x ROI.

The Strategy

bavinci marketing strategy

Bavincis includes WhatsApp widgets on the product page of its website to drive customer engagement. The BIK team designs and customizes Bavincis’ creatives to ensure it matches the brand’s aesthetic. BIK’s Growth Strategy Manager took a deep dive into the buying pattern of the shoppers’ and picked up a cohort that had lost contact with the brand in recent times. BIK platform was used to first build this relationship and
quickly drive them to purchase with powerful cohort-based WhatsApp broadcasting. We also did A/B testing on the timing for the broadcast and found out that the evening broadcast gave 10x higher results. Some of the ways Bavincis uses BIK to send out personalized replies is to give “exclusive” shoppers exclusive oɩers and first access to new products, limited-time offers, seasonal messages, and brand awareness. “We use
WhatsApp is a way to show people that luxury is affordable, said Dhruvin.

Their customers also receive individualized reminders about available coupon codes or recently abandoned carts. Bavincis is partnered with BIK to fully automate these messages, allowing for personalization at scale. “These messages are not just generic messages.

They are really personalized to each individual customer and their unique experience on our site,” said Dhruvin. Bavincis also made surety about customers reaching out on WhatsApp have full access to the catalogues and get attractive previews of the products that are available on the website, decreasing the funnel drop-offs and hence, higher conversion Bavincis also uses BIK platform for its customer relationship management (CRM) and personalizes every reply. The brand has found that using a genuine, vernacular voice in its replies helps maximize subscriber engagement. Bavincis never misses out on any replies by enabling Intelligent BIK Chatbots, that deliver end-to-end solutions a shopper requires to have a wonderful shopping experience.

The Results

bavinci success story

Bavincis partnered with BIK in 2022 and continues to grow its customer base with 100% growth MoM. Overall, BIK campaigns for Bavincis have delivered 29x+ ROI and have a customer base of 100K. The highest ROI that was delivered is 66x for one of its campaigns in September.

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